Growing Strong and Beautiful

Every year I annually put some pots on the deck of my condo. The next day I was disappointed to see that a hurricane blew all the flowers out of my happy pet. They were lying on the deck and needed to be swept away. However, a few days later, I was shocked to realize that there were even more flowers on the plants before the storm!

Self Employment

All of this got me thinking about how container gardening might be a great choice for our lives. Each of us is a plant that needs the following;

1. Vessel or container - When you grow, it is likely to have millions of options. Our country of origin usually provides us with values, language, and customs. Some of us are from big cities, where populations are crowded together, while others are raised in open spaces where there was plenty of space to move. Choosing a container for your plants is similar. You can be unique and plant in an old shoe or jar. Perhaps you are into recycling and will use a plastic bottle. Perhaps you will apply in a steep design. Our containers provide character.
2. Soil - It is important to feed our roots with the right nutrients and fertilizers so that we can gain strength. People in our lives are our mentors and we are not only students of them, but also get inspiration from their presence. Different plants also require different types of soil and nutrition so that they benefit best.
3. Protection - Insects, animals, and diseases can harm our plants, so we need to make sure that they are safe from harm. Even the weather, which is essential for development, can cause damage at times. Some plants do better in full sun while others thrive in shade. As parents, we need to ensure that our children are encouraged for development, but not placed in vulnerable settings where they will be coped. The same applies to our own lives.
4. Regular care - You simply cannot plant and water once a season and expect good results. Plants need sunlight, water, and weeding regularly. We also need to practice good self-care like eating nutritious food regularly, getting enough rest, and exercising. Like plants, we also need a fair amount of sunlight to do well.
5. Transplanting - Often plants grow quickly and because of this need to be moved to a different setting or container. We, like people, can find ourselves in the same situation. Perhaps it is time for a new job, a new home or a new place. Prepare the trick, shake the roots slightly, and proceed with hope.
I remember a speech my father gave me at my cousin's wedding. He said that we are a flowering plant that allows us to grow separately but near each other. There are different types of flowers all over the world. Which is best for you?

Each of us contributes to the beauty of this world's flower garden. You certainly cannot fix all the other plants that grow around you, but you can make sure that your bloom is strong and beautiful.

Perhaps it is time to apply your gardening skills to your personal life.

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